Delahunt Homes- Lake OswegoThinking about having a custom home built, or having remodels done to your already built home? Talk to the professional at Delahunt Homes about the benefits of building a zero energy home.

Custom zero energy homes have no energy bills:

The U.S. Department of Energy stated that in 2009 the average homeowner spends $2,200 on energy costs. Custom building your home, or remodeling with Delahunt Homes to be zero energy takes energy bills of any kind away, other than a monthly electric hook-up fee. Zero energy homes are designed with more energy efficient features such as thinker walls and triple paned windows. This creates as much energy from its solar collectors as the home uses over the course of a year.

Custom zero energy homes have zero carbon emissions:

Homes have a large impact on our environment, especially when it comes to energy consumption and carbon emissions. Homes account for up to 48% of total energy consumption in the United States and are a major contributor to carbon emissions. On Average custom homes will emit close to 10 metric tons of CO2 per year from the electricity and fossil fuel use. With a custom built home by Delahunt Homes your home with produce zero net energy, you will produce zero net carbon emissions from the site.

Custom zero energy homes are affordable:

Of course this is a big concern from many people. Will building my zero energy custom home cost me more money than building a standard custom home? There are savings from federal tax incentives that make the cost of a zero energy home only 10% more to build than a comparable home built to code. Even without available incentives and rebates, efficient zero energy custom homes will be cost comparable to neighboring homes by designing them to be somewhat smaller in size but with more useful livable spaces and by wisely selecting highly attractive, yet less expensive finishes.

Custom zero energy homes costs less to own:

Custom built zero energy homes can be considerably less than the cost of owning a standard home. Even with the aforementioned 5-10% increase in cost to build, the overall cost of a zero energy custom home outweighs the cost of a standard home. Because of the monthly savings on energy bills, the house will pay for itself in the long run.

Custom zero energy homes are healthier and more comfortable:

What’s more important than the health and safety of your family? Zero energy custom homes are great for you and your family’s health and comfort. Zero energy custom homes are designed to provide the healthiest indoor environment possible by creating an airtight home that:

  • Provides superior indoor air quality through an Energy Recover Ventilation (ERV) or Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system that filters and cleans the air, reducing pollutants and allergens, while retaining heat in the custom home.
  • Prevents moisture build-up that can result in mold problems that can cause major health issues.
  • Creates a very comfortable home environment with very few or no drafts, and quiet steady heating or cooling, with minimal dust.
  • Creates a quiet home, due to the thick walls, triple paned windows and tight building envelope that keep outside sounds out.
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature longer in case of a power outage
  • Has no unhealthy from natural gas or propane appliances

Custom zero energy homes raise the bar for home construction and remodeling:

When designers, builders, realtors, lenders and homebuyers choose zero net energy homes they are helping to raise the bar for energy efficient building in our country. There has never been a better time for all of us to think globally and act local.

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