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Whether you already have a patio that you wish to remodel or you are looking to build a custom patio for your new home, your patio design is crucial to both how well it holds up and the ways it can be used and enjoyed. Proper patio design must take into account the area and climate where you live in order to be its best. If planned well, your patio will be usable for a good portion of each year and will last a lifetime.

Custom Patios

Delahunt Custom Homes- Custom Home Builder

Delahunt Custom Homes- Custom Home Builder

First things first, you should make a list of all the things you want to get out of your custom patio, what are the most important uses you want to get out of your patio. Will it be a place used solely for relaxing outdoor, or will it be more of a workspace for projects what would be too mess to do inside? What about where you live, would you like your custom patio to be used year round? Here in Oregon and the Pacific North West, we have our fair share of rainy days. Would weatherizing your custom patio, or remodeling your old one be beneficial to you and your custom home?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can begin your research. Your next step is to sit down with your custom home builder, and find out what materials best suit your needs and what extras will be necessary to get the full use out of your investments.

Concrete, Wood, and Stone Patio Floors

In most cases, when building a patio, consumers will choose one of these building materials to build that patio. Concrete is relatively cheap and extremely durable. This is an excellent material for a patio that are going to see sawdust and power tools.

Wood is another alternative when building a custom patio. If build and sealed properly, it can last many years. This choice of material is more appeasing that it’s concrete counterpart.

A stone patio is another very durable choice that can be quite attractive, as well. In many cases, stone patios are stronger and more durable then concrete ones. The downside to stone patios is that they don’t come cheap for that kind of luxury.

Patio Fireplaces, Fans, and Roofing

This trio, are the most common additions to a custom patio for good reasons. Roofing can be used to deter most of what mother natures has to throw at us, and a good way to get the most from

Delahunt Custom Homes - Lake Residence - Custom Home Builder - Lake Oswego

Delahunt Custom Homes – Lake Residence – Custom Home Builder – Lake Oswego

your money. Custom patio roofs should be stationary and solid in place where heavy or frequent precipitation is common.

Here in the Pacific NW, we can get those long cold winters we are famous for. A custom fireplace can make a long cold winter a bit more bearable and can make a warm summer night even more pleasurable. It is important to make sure that your custom patio is properly ventilated and that the main house is sealed off from incoming smoke.

Even though we are not known for our “harsh” summers, here in Oregon, we do get some sweltering days in the summer. What better way to cool off after a long day then by kicking back on your porch with a cool breeze coming from your custom patio fan. It is important to choose a fan that is recommended for outdoor use. Those meant to be used indoors can have serious wrapping the function issues: A custom patio fan that doesn’t work do anyone any good.

There are several other ideas that could bring your custom homes patio to the next level. The textures and colors of pavers can help you create a unique look, especially if you add some unexpected elements to enhance your design.

Make the Most of the Color

Let the wide range of hues be the driving force when developing your pavers design. Use shades that reflect the surrounding landscape or take a cue from the colors inside your home. Accent colors can be repeated in the pavers design to help your patio space make a strong statement.

Create a Custom Living Space in the Great Outdoors

The right paver patio ideas can extend your home’s living space. Consider how a custom seating area, dining area, barbecue or fire pit could help to make the most of your patio area.

Consider Multiple Uses for the Space

Outdoor living spaces can be some of the most versatile areas of your home. Consider the different ways you’ll be using your patio. Then select pavers and other hardscape that will make your space come together.

Start Small

Begin you patio design with a small-scale project. A smaller space will be easier to work with and it will give you the chance to work through the process. You could even design the project to be done in smaller portions that could be completed in a day or a weekend.

Work With a Pattern

Repeat a pattern from the architecture of the house or even from the garden in the patio design. Repeating the pattern will give the outdoor living space a flow and will work to make the different outdoor elements part of a cohesive design. Pavers offer endless possibilities, with different patterns and textures to choose from.

Think Outside the Box

Utilize a mix of pavers to customize your look even more. Mixing the colors of one stone with the sleek design of another allows you to create a custom patio that will catch the attention of your visitors and leave you wanting to make your outdoor space your permanent residence.

Customize it

You can custom design your space with the addition of personalized artwork. Using unique crafting ideas can create more than just a new living space for your patio area.

Create art right on your patio with the addition of other textures and elements. Let each family member craft individual concrete pavers to work into the design. You can transpose pictures onto pavers and then seal the pavers to preserve the design.

The only real limit to designing your  custom patio living space is your own imagination. Consult a professional to help you take your ideas for a new luxury outdoor living space and turn them into an amazing reality.