We spend a lot of time and money making the insides of our homes reflect our personalities and maximizing livability. Why not do the same for our front porches?

“Front porches are like the opening notes of songs,” Christina Poletto of Dovetailor Design Studio in Hudson Valley, N.Y tells Fox News. “They set the tone for the house and give a preview of what’s to come.”

Spring has definitely sprung, and porch season is nearly upon us, so you’ve never had a better reason to spruce up the scene outside your front door, especially if you’re selling your home.

“Many times when I show homes, people have already made up their minds about the house before we open the front door,” says Alexis Brill, a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. “First impressions are the most important impressions.”

Here are six ways to make your front porch– and first home  impression– game stronger.