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Energy Star Appliances and Electronicsat Energy Star Appliances and Electronics with Delahunt Homes: Custom Home Builder

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The owners of the Proud Green Home of in Beaverton Oregon wanted to make their home energy efficient, and a host of appliances and electronics from LG Electronics are helping them do just that.

Located in the in Beaverton Oregon., the high-performance, five-bedroom, 3,700-square-foot Prairie-style Proud Green Home was designed to educate and inspire building professionals and consumers about the benefits of building and living green. It was constructed to provide the homeowners with lower energy costs, better indoor air quality and better durability.

Selected as the exclusive ENERGY STAR consumer electronics and appliance partner for the Proud Green Home of St. Louis, LG Electronics USA provided nearly $50,000 worth of advanced energy-efficient products for the unique green building project. They include one of the first ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryers (a new 2015 ENERGY STAR category), and the only OLED TV to earn both the ENERGY STAR energy efficiency and GREENGUARD indoor air quality certifications.

The Proud Green Home of in Beaverton Oregon, the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, meets a number of prominent green building standards, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR for Homes, Indoor airPlus and WaterSense standards, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Net Ready home standard, and the National Green Building Standard (ANSI ICC-700).

“The Proud Green Home of in Beaverton Oregon shows that, with LG and ENERGY STAR, you don’t have to sacrifice performance or style to get the utmost in energy efficiency and fight climate change,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA. “LG is proud that the builder selected LG’s energy efficient products, from kitchen and laundry appliances to a wide range of cutting-edge OLED and LED TVs, for this green living laboratory and a wonderful new home for this young family.”

Advanced ENERGY STAR-certified Home Appliances Save Energy, Water in Beaverton Oregon

LG Studio premium, built-in appliances blend best-in-class innovation with bold, sleek design to give homeowners a sophisticated kitchen that simultaneously enhances the efficiency of the home. Two kitchen suites within the home – the high-end custom kitchen adjacent to the Great Room and an efficiency kitchen on the lower level – are both outfitted entirely with LG Studio appliances, ranging from refrigerators, wall ovens and dishwashers to cooktops and microwave ovens.

Designed with the environment in mind, LG Studio’s ENERGY STAR certified ultra-large capacity Door-in-Door refrigerator  uses 20 percent less energy than required by federal standards, helping to reduce the home’s energy bills and overall energy consumption. Its redesigned Linear Compressor also maximizes energy savings, regulating temperature at a low sound level and utilizing significantly less energy than traditional models.

The ENERGY STAR certified LG Studio dishwasher features SenseClean technology, which helps to adjust water and cycle length for more precise cleaning and energy efficiency. These energy-saving attributes combined with the seamless design of each LG Studio appliance help make this kitchen both aesthetically timeless and sustainable for years to come.

In the laundry room, the Proud Green Home incorporates LG’s ultra-large capacity front-load laundry pair. The clothes dryer is one of the industry’s first in the new ENERGY STAR dryer category, exceeding the new U.S Department of Energy specifications for clothes dryers that take effect for the first time in 2015.

The companion washer earned the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation, which recognizes the most efficient products among those that are ENERGY STAR qualified, ensuring minimal energy and water usage with every load. It features LG’s TurboWash technology designed to save up to 20 minutes per load, even with larger loads of laundry, while still offering outstanding cleaning performance. This is made possible by combining the spin and rinse cycles, thereby helping to substantially cut water and energy consumption.

Cutting-Edge Consumer Electronics Deliver Performance, Energy Savings in Beaverton Oregon by Delahunt Homes: Custom Home Builder

Throughout the Proud Green Home, from the home theater to the kid’s lounge to the master bedroom and more, are LG’s ENERGY STAR certified 42-, 47-, 55-, 60- and 65-inch class (41.9-, 46.9-, 54.6-, 59.5-, and 64.5-inch measured diagonally) LG LED-backlit LCD HDTVs. All of these LG webOS Smart TVs have been designated by the EPA as “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient.”

A highlight of the Proud Green Home is LG’s breakthrough 55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal) 55EC9300 OLED TV, which industry pundits single out as delivering the best picture ever by virtue of its limitless contrast ratio and stunning color.

Of special significance for the Proud Green Home, this is the first OLED TV to be ENERGY STAR certified. It’s also the first television to achieve GREENGUARD certification. According to UL Environment, this OLED TV sets a precedent for television manufacturers to help create healthier indoor environments, consistent with Hibbs Homes’ goal of building the new home using products with low presence of volatile organic compounds.

Gracing the Great Room over the fireplace is LG’s dramatic new 79-inch class (78.5-inches diagonal) 4K Ultra HD TV, with four times the resolution of conventional 1080p Full HD. Despite is mammoth size, ultra high resolution and webOS Smart TV capabilities, this TV costs only $27 per year in electricity to operate (while the annual electricity cost of similar models in this size ranges from $39 to $90 per year), according to its Federal Trade Commission EnergyGuide label.

All TVs in the Proud Green Home include LG’s innovative energy-saving technologies including automatic brightness adjustments according to the viewing environment.

Proud Green Home of in Beaverton Oregon Represents Leading Partnership with Delahunt Homes: Custom Home Builder

“LG’s leading ENERGY STAR-certified products are central to our mission at Proud Green Home that educates and inspires homeowners and building professionals to create high performance homes across the spectrum of the market,” said Robert Fincher, CEO of Sustainable Community Media, LLC, publisher of The Proud Green Home of St. Louis builds on the success of the Proud Green Home at Serenbe, a similar 2013 project in the Atlanta area, where LG products are delivering significant energy savings, Fincher explained.

Matt Belcher, principal with Verdatek Solutions and director of the High Performance Buildings Research Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia, said, “LG’s kitchen and laundry appliances are keys to our goal of ensuring greatly reduced energy and water usage in the Proud Green Home. In a partnership with the High Performance Buildings Research Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia, the Proud Green Home at St. Louis will be featured as part of the green building curriculum for students, including long-term energy and water usage monitoring.

“This home will meet the needs of the new owners who are looking for a comfortable, energy efficient home thanks in large part to LG’s ENERGY STAR certified TVs and appliances,” said Kim Hibbs, CEO of Hibbs Homes in Chesterfield, Mo. The neighborhood where the Proud Green Home at St. Louis is being built has original indentures from 1897 that expressly stated the desire to maintain the “ecological and rural aspects” of the subdivision. “We believe the makers of that indenture would be greatly pleased at the focus on this goal we bring to this and all of our projects,” Hibbs said.

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