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How to Plan Out Your Entertainment Room

By Todd Delahunt

Theater rooms are a nice little bonus to your house, which is great for the whole family. Instead of hopping in the car and driving to the theater, why not enjoy one in the luxury of your own home? However there is just the lingering question of where is the best place to incorporate a theater room? In to an article written by Terry Ulick on, he shares his insights in how to pick a good room for your theater room!

The best way to go about having a theater room is to plan for it during the planning stages of construction. Don’t fret if your house is already built, there are ways to create space for a theater room in an existing house. You’ll be faced with some construction challenges, and may need to be creative when retrofitting the room. There is always the option of adding on an addition to your house. If that isn’t an option, converting the basement or garage is a good way to go. If you have your heart set on an existing room, choose one that:

  • Is large enough for desired seating
  • Few doors
  • Free from outside light. Room with no windows is best
  • Located where sound can be isolated from neighbors
  • High ceilings
  • For a contemporary home theater you need to have access to audio and video content from a wide array of sources including:

Traditional Cable and satellite services

  1. Broadcast TV
  2. The Internet
  3. Blu-ray Discs
  4. DVDs and CDs
  5. Digital and video cameras
  6. IPods/IPads and portable devices

Delahunt-Homes_West-Linn-Custom-built-home-libraryThese things are important to consider in the early stages of planning. You will also need to plan for how they should be connect. It takes away from the room if you have a jumbled mess of cords hanging down your walls. So we need to decide if we are going to have some wireless connections, and add receptacles behind TVs.

You’ll want to create an equipment checklist to make sure that you are getting everything a grand theater room needs. Luckily the good people at HGTV has your back, and created one for you.


If using an existing room, the checklist will help identify remodeling issues early on. Location is something that needs careful consideration when designing a good home theater.

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