If you are choosing to build a custom home in Portland, you want your new home to be built around your lifestyle.

With that in mind, now is the perfect opportunity to plan a few special touches that are often missed in the drawing stage. Here are four great ideas that may spark some inspiration for your Portland custom home.

Add outdoor outlets, controlled independently in your Portland Custom Home

Celebrate the holiday season in style by adding soffit and exterior receptacles around the exterior of your home. Kids love outdoor house lighting during the festive seasons but parents hate all the extension cords that go along with it, and generally most builders will only provide one soffit receptacle at the front door.  What about lighting in the backyard or around the sides of your home?  Keep it simple later, by adding these features now during the drawing stage.  For some of you who want to take it one step further you can even hook them up to a home automation system and control your lighting from your smartphone. Is there anything technology can’t do?

On-demand water heater for your Portland Custom Home

With an on-demand hot water heater, you will never have to shower in cold water again! These heaters save space in your furnace room in turn adding additional living space for other rooms, and let’s not forget the energy you’ll save because you are only heating water as you need it.  No more worrying about having enough hot water for showers when you have a house full of guests.

Dual workspace kitchens

For those who love to cook and when your home is the usual gathering place for your family and your friends at your Portland Custom Home, it is a great idea to incorporate an additional prep-station with a smaller deep sink and garburator into your kitchen design.  Usually the island is made larger to accommodate the prep station which is generally off to one side of the main sink, and with extended counter space on the other end, your guests can sit comfortably across to visit while you are preparing the food.  Dinner preparation with extra helpers in the kitchen becomes easier than ever with this added feature.

Doggy bathing station

After you take your dog for a walk, what do you do when they are dirty once you get home?  Many dog lovers have found that adding a dog bathing station in their mudroom or in their garage, is a great addition for quick clean ups after those walks.  The days of carrying your muddy dog through the house and into the main bath tub are over by simply incorporating this into your house plans.  If your dog is a smaller breed, consider elevating the station so giving your furry friend a quick bath doesn’t become back-breaking labour.

Enjoy living the lifestyle in your Portland Custom Home Builder – Delahunt Homes.


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