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What is the vibe for out top luxury home builder in Westmoreland, Or Custom Home Builder?  To us Sellwood feels much less “hipster” and “chic” than say, Mississippi Ave, Alberta Arts or the Pearl– but a definite, at ease kind of ‘anything goes, all are welcome’ type of feeling is present on these streets.  Like most Portland neighborhoods, Sellwood and Moreland neighborhoods feel very self-sustaining.  Local grocery store New Seasons, many local coffee shops plus a few local coffee roasters make this community feel warm and a lot like its own small town.  Walking the streets in Sellwood and Moreland neighborhoods invokes a “back in the good old days” feeling.  This area is family friendly, walkable, and livable with a strong sense of community pride.

The Moreland neighborhood of Portland is divided into Eastmoreland and Westmoreland.  Splitting hairs?  Not according to the neighbors.  Ask them, and they’ll say that Eastmoreland is the kind of place where other people mow your lawn.  In Westmoreland, they do their own.  Yard work aside, it’s certainly evident that the activity of the area – the hustle, bustle, and commerce – belongs entirely to Westmoreland.  In the size reserved for just one of those well manicured lawns surrounding an Eastmoreland mansion, four businesses could fit in Westmoreland.  Each has their charm.  But as the seat of the neighborhood’s retail trade, Westmoreland’s landscape is far more conducive to a verbal tour.  We’ll cover Westmoreland on this neighborhood page as part of the “Sellwood-Moreland” neighborhood, since that is how it is classified by the City of Portland.

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Sellwood and Moreland neighborhoods feature older East Portland homes that have been well maintained and updated. You’ll find architectural styles including Victorians, cottages, and many gorgeous Craftsman bungalows. The streets are quiet, and lined with mature trees. This is a great family neighborhood where people hang out at the coffee shops on the weekend, and you’ll see couples pushing strollers and walking their dogs. The community features many locally owned shops and restaurants, and Sellwood is known for its array of antique shops.

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Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters is also another local area Sellwood favorite.  Located in the busiest part of the Sellwood strip, they roast onsite and have a wonderful and cozy cafe.

Some great Portland’s eateries and are found in this quaint community, too.  Locally famous Grand Central Bakery and Marsee Baking are excellent and seemingly always busy.  Do not miss the ever growing number of food carts — a locals favorite to be sure. Many of our local food carts have been written up all over high end periodicals such as Sunset Magazine.  Learn more about Portland Food Carts.

A locals review of the Grand Central Bakery in Sellwood:  Delicious!

If you haven’t tried the wonderful goodies at Grand Central Bakery, stop by on your way downtown and grab something better than a doughnut. Located at 7987 SE 13th Street in Sellwood, it is just a two blocks north of Tacoma Street. The Sellwood location has been open since May 2004, and is one of our favorite places to have breakfast. It has the delicious breads, cinnamon rolls, jammers (a biscuit with the jam built in), coffee cake and croissants of their other locations. Hidden in back is a kid friendly room with a low table for the young and two regular tables for adults. Toys, books and a chalkboard are available for the children’s entertainment while you sip on a latte and read the paper. Chalk isn’t always available, so you might want to bring your own colored chalk, and if you are like me, leave some behind! Don’t forget to grab a loaf of bread to take home. Try their olive, como or any of the other delicious varieties. You can get the loaf whole for a fancy dinner, or have them slice it for easy toasting and sandwich making.

The employees at the bakery are friendly and wonderful, and while I don’t know the official policy, you regularly see people with their favorite ‘brand’ of coffee eating the baked goods. Don’t let that dissuade you from trying their coffee or espresso as it is all excellent. The bakery is open for lunch and has a variety of sandwiches. Combine lunch with a trip to the Sellwood-Moreland Library down a block and you have an excellent afternoon.