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Congratulations, you have jumped through all the hoops in order to have a custom home built. Now you need to hire a Custom Home Builder to build your home. What things should you look for when you are hiring a Custom Home Builder? When you choose a Custom Home Builder, there are a few things to look for. You should get at least three bids for your building projects. Then, you should make sure that your Custom Home Builder is experienced with building custom homes.

  • Visit the Custom Home Builder’s website
  • Look at the quality of their work
  • Talk to the Custom Home Builders references

Here is a list of things to look for before you hire a Custom Home Builder to build your new custom home:

  • Documentation-

Every Custom Home Builder in Portland, OR should have a Custom Home Builder’s license that’s valid, same goes for the state you live in. This information is easily attainable by visiting Oregon’s agency that regulates Custom Home Builders, or at your local Custom Home Builder’s board. NEVER work with a Custom Home Builder that doesn’t have the proper documentation.

Your Custom Home Builder you also have liability insurance that will cover any property damage or claims you might have. They should have construction bond that covers replacement of the project, and they should have proof they pay work’s compensation insurance on all their employees.

  • A Resume-

Just like if you were hiring a new person on at work and had to do the interview, you would want to check your Custom Home Builders resume. The Custom Home Builder should be able to produce a resume that includes their education, training, and experience. It should also include a physical address, references from prior customers, their credit standing, and fiscal stability. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out any complaints filed on a Custom Home Builder.

  • Take a field trip-

Ask your Custom Home Builder if you can take a look at their current work site. This way you get to see your Custom Home Builder’s crew in action. You want to make sure that the Custom Home Builder has a well-established crew with dependable skills. The Custom Home Builder should be able to work with other subcontractors effectively, supervise others working on the site, and be cost-conscious without being cheap.

  • Talk with References-

You want to see what other peoples experiences were with the Custom Home Builder. Ask the references some important questions like:

How did the Custom Home Builder respond to the problems?

  • Did they keep to their building schedule?
  • Were there issues with the crew?
  • Did the work pass inspections?
  • Was the Custom Home Builder available by phone or in person?
  • What happens with the change order?
  • What were payment terms?
  • Would you hire this Custom Home Builder again?
  • The Contract-

Make sure that your contract includes:

  • The total building price
  • Payment terms
  • How they’ll deal with change orders
  • Their Mark-up on materials and labor
  • Lien release: this keeps you from being held liable in case the Custom Home Builder doesn’t pay their subcontractors.


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