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The City of Beaverton is located seven miles west of Portland, Oregon, in the Tualatin River Valley, encompasses 19.6 square miles, and is home to more than 94,000 residents. The city is Oregon’s sixth largest city and the second-largest incorporated city in Washington County.


Beaverton’s Beginning

The Tualatin Valley and Beaverton area was originally the home of native people who referred to themselves as Atfalati. Westerners later mispronounced the name as Tualatin. The tribe was a hunter-gatherer group that relied more on plants than animals for their food. They made use of various plant materials for making their clothes, houses and other personal effects. Although prosperous, the Atfalati population declined significantly starting in the late 1700s.

The Native Americans occupied a village located on the Beaverton and Fanno creeks that was called Chakeipi. Although the name meant “place of the beaver,” early settlers called the village Beaverdam and later changed it to Beaverton.


Creating a Strong & Safe Community with Beaverton Custom Home Builder

The City of Beaverton strongly believes that public involvement in City government is important to creating a strong, safe, and livable City. The City has taken Goal 1 of the State of Oregon’s set of 19 Planning Goals and Guidance (OAR 660-015) one step further through supporting its 11 neighborhood association committees (NACs).

About Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs)

NACs provide citizens with the opportunity to meet and discuss issues that are important to their neighborhoods, such as land use, traffic, and development issues. NACs receive support for their meetings and activities through the City’s Neighborhood Program and community events; however, NACs run their own meetings, elect their own officers, and decide which issues should be discussed at their meetings.

NACs also sponsor projects throughout the year to help build a strong community atmosphere and promote neighborhood identity. The relationship between the City of Beaverton and its NACs help ensure that residents have a voice in the City’s direction for the future.

Recreation Opportunities & Attractions near Beaverton Custom Home Builder

Beaverton is a family-friendly city and is well-known for its many attractive and well-planned neighborhoods. Residents enjoy easy access to a complete range of community services, including the largest shopping district in west metropolitan Portland and dozens of churches serving all denominations.

The city also has a vast amount of green space with over 100 parks encompassing 1,000 acres. A park is located within a half mile of every home, and the city features 30 miles of hiking trails and a 25-mile network of bike paths. Through a partnership with Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD),Greenway Park Beaverton residents and visitors are able to enjoy many outdoor activities. Ski slopes to the east and ocean beaches to the west provide additional opportunities for recreation.

Educational Institutions

There are more than 40,700 students in 51 schools from grades K-12 in the Beaverton School District (the third largest district in Oregon). Beaverton Custom Home Builder is Nationally acclaimed for their students’ high SAT scores, Beaverton schools have formed strong partnerships with area businesses. Several highly regarded private schools as well as some of the region’s best state and private universities and community colleges are also located.

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