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alameda_newAlameda is a neighborhood in Portland, OR that is located on the Alameda Ridge with views of Downtown, the Willamette River, and the Cascades. Northeast Fremont Street is the neighborhood’s main east-west thoroughfare and NE 33rd, its main north-south thoroughfare, makes up its eastern boundary.

The name comes from the Spanish word “alamo,” meaning a poplar or cottonwood tree. “Alameda” means, precisely, a public walk or promenade lined with poplar trees, and, by extension, a street lined with trees, like the English word “parkway.”

Alameda Elementary School of the Portland Public Schools district is located in the neighborhood, as is The Madeleine School, a Catholic K-8 school. It’s a neighborhood where you will find tree-lined streets, older architecturally significant and view homes, neighborhood shops, coffee places, and high level of community involvement.

Entertainment in Alameda

The <a href="http://www.alamedabrewhouse doxycycline tablets buy online.com/”>Alameda Brewhouse is a favorite of the locals − try the Black Bear Stout Turkey Pot Pie served with vegetables and mushrooms slow simmered in their stout ale. You can also enjoy a hardy breakfast at the Alameda Cafe. Their menu includes waffles, bacon and eggs, and quiche.

Parks in the Neighborhood

The neighborhood does not have a park within in borders. Here are two parks on Alameda’s borders:

Wilshire Park is located on the neighborhood northeast border. The 14.40 acre park includes a picnic area, restroom, dog off-leash area, horseshoe pit, paths, playground, soccer field, softball field, volleyball court, and wading pool or splash pad.

Grant Park is located on the neighborhood southeast border. The 19 plus acre park includes a baseball field, basketball court, restroom, dog off-leash area, football field, fountain, paths, picnic site, playground, soccer field, softball field, lighted tennis court , track, and wading pool or splash pad.

Walking in Alameda, Oregon Custom Home Builder

Alameda Ridge This 4.4-mile loop through Alameda includes a turnaround block at a 1927 mansion built by lumber baron Thomas Autzen. The walk’s many stairs, beautiful homes and great views make it a fun adventure.

Pearson Farm  This short walk of just over half a mile will take you around the perimeter of the Pearson Farm, one of the earliest settlements in Alameda, dating to 1875. The starting point for this one is easy: the Pearson Pine at NE 29th and Fremont. Go stand under its broad branches and be prepared for time travel back through our neighborhood’s past.

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