The Building Process


Introductory meeting with David Saltzberg to understand the project and gauge if the  project management styles of David and the homeowner are compatible / synergistic.
–> Email or call (503) 407-8101 to schedule an appointment.

If you don’t have an architect in place, we can recommend several from our list of architects who are experienced with the luxury custom home process.


After plans and blueprints have been created and the land is secured, we work with our subcontractors and suppliers to prepare a detailed estimate that balances your dream home ideas with your budget constraints.

STEP 3: 

We begin the demolition (if necessary), remodeling or building phase.

Being a custom home builder who specializes in complex projects; each process is customized to suit each client. One thing ALWAYS remains the same, we believe personal attention and communication are the keys to a successful and positive building experience. Owner, David Saltzberg, will be overseeing your project throughout the daily management of construction operations from breaking ground to completion. No one knows your project better.

Through this team effort, goals and ideas become well-defined thereby ensuring that your project will progress smoothly, efficiently, on schedule and on budget.